Established August 2011 in Cancun, Mexico, CLOROFILA SEA WEAR (CSW) was formed by a young entrepreneurial and passionate team who wanted to capture the fun lifestyle, humor, basic, and trendiness of the Mexican Caribbean into our high-quality swim shorts and beach wear. These swim shorts and beachwear collections include a perfect mix of fun lifestyle, humor, basic, and trendy designs that embrace the spirit of the Mexican Caribbean.

CLOROFILA SEA WEAR was not built overnight with just dreamers; rather, our founders were born in a hard-working  family with more than 50 years in the textile industry, where they consistently monitored, examined, and understood which trends, designs, and techniques created the highest-quality products.

By integrating these attributes, CLOROFILA SEA WEAR delivers a variety of colors, designs, happiness and joy by creating your best beach moments – the same moments you would experience in Mexican Caribbean.

Wear moments, dress style.